pronouns: he/they


shoutout to Jules for the dope imagery

In Augusta, GA at University Hospital around 10:30am in the early 1990s, my mother and father held me in the palm of their hands and called me their miracle baby. I spent years mesmerized by gospel music and Spanish moss, spent many summers eating barbecue, and enjoyed feeling grass rub against my bare feet.

I found myself in Charleston at the age of eighteen standing under the umbrella of privilege my parents had of being college educated and wanting their children to be the same. It was there I majored in Women’s and Gender Studies and African American Studies; where I came out as queer (for the second time) and trans  and fell in love with myself through organizing with Girls Rock Charleston and Southerners on New Ground. I am currently working on a project that was seeded through SONG called Tiger’s Eye Collective.

This blog is musings of a Black southern gentle(trans)man. These are some of my reflections, stories of my life, tales of those I love, and everything that is deeply fried (in my brain).